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Vicki is a mum of one and a fully trained and experienced baby/infant massage and KG Hypnobirthing teacher. Vicki trained in 1998 as a primary school teacher and has been working with and teaching children and adults for over 20 years. During her pregnancy Vicki was very anxious about the thought of labour and birth and after a friend had recommended a pregnancy relaxation app, Vicki decided to look further into what else she could do to help relieve her fears and worries around her birth. It was at that point that she stumbled across Hypnobirthing. After using the techniques and having a great labour she decided to go onto train as a KG Hypnobirthing teacher.

After the birth of Vicki’s little boy everything seemed to be wonderful and her baby was very relaxed, feeding well and sleeping well until he was about 3 weeks old. It was at this point that Vicki’s little boy-developed colic and it took a further 3 weeks for the condition to be diagnosed.

Vicki really didn’t want her tiny newborn baby to be put on medication so once again she decided to look at what natural alternatives she could use to help him and she stumbled across baby massage.

After having 3 private 1:1 sessions (as all the courses in the area were fully booked) Vicki saw the amazing benefits it had for her little boy. It helped relieve his symptoms and also helped his digestion to flow better. Baby massage was also very relaxing for not just baby but also Vicki and her husband. The bonds that were created between Vicki, her husband and their baby were strengthened too.

Vicki then decided that she would like to train in baby massage and share these amazing benefits and skills with other parents/carers. Since doing the training Vicki has learnt a huge amount about baby massage and the benefits it has for babies. It can help them physically, socially and mentally. It can help their breathing; growth, digestive system, circulation and can help relieve colic and teething pains.

The health benefits that are created and nurtured through baby massage are so beneficial for not only baby but also the whole family.

If you would like further information or are interested in booking a course please either book via Vicki’s  website:, email: or phone 07533 892993.

Qualifications & Experience

Baby/infant massage and KG Hypnobirthing teacher