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Helen Evans is a Gold Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Holistic Therapist specialising in Fertility, Pregnancy and Postnatal care.She is a caring, passionate and intuitive professional who brings with her many years of experience supporting women on their journey through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Founder of Bloom & Birth (www.bloomandbirth.co.uk) and Chair of North Somerset Home Birth Group, Helen runs a weekly clinic here at The Natural Pregnancy Partnership, providing a range of therapies and programmes (see full details below). She also delivers Private & Group HypnoBirthing courses across Bristol & North Somerset.

Following University, Helen began her studies with The Bristol School of Holistic Therapies in 2003. After the birth of her first child, she went on to train in pre-conception and pregnancy care, as well as gaining her HypnoBirthing Practitioner qualification from the internationally renowned HypnoBirthing Institute.Fully committed to ongoing professional development, Helen has since qualified in Solution-Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy, trainingat The Clifton Practice,arecognised Centre of Excellence for Hypnotherapy.

With over 10 years experience, Helen sees a wide variety of clients and is particularly well-recognised for her work in helping women achieve better all-round pregnancy health, avoid induction, and enjoy a calmer, more comfortable birth.


Holistic Treatments & Packages for Pregnancy
Maternity / Pregnancy Reflexology – 60 min £48
Pregnancy Aromatherapy Massage – 60 min £55
Combined Pregnancy Reflexology & Massage – 90 min £68

Antenatal Hypnotherapy – 60 min £60


Treatments to Encourage Natural Onset of Labour / Breech Turn
Maternity / Pregnancy Reflexology – 60 min £48
Combined Pregnancy Reflexology & Hypnotherapy – 90 min £68


Prepare for Birth Package – £198
4 x 60 min Pregnancy Reflexology (aids natural onset of labour / balances hormones for optimal birthing / eases late-term discomforts)
60 min HypnoBirthing Confidence & Fear-Release Session
Bespoke 50ml Aromatherapy Bath / Massage oil for Pregnancy
Bespoke 50ml Aromatherapy Blend for Labour


Post-natal Recovery Package – £198
4 x 60 min Reflexology Treatment
Postnatal Recovery Conditioning CD / Audio Download
Bespoke 50ml Aromatherapy Blend to aid sleep / balance hormones / de-stress



Holistic Treatments & Packages for Fertility:


Reproductive Reflexology

Fertility Consultation – 60 min £55

Fertility Reflexology – 60 min £48


Prepare to Conceive Package - £198

4 x 60 min Reproductive Reflexology

Optimum Reproductive Health Conditioning CD / Audio download
Bespoke 50ml Aromatherapy Blend to balance hormones / de-stress

Qualifications & Experience

Qualifications & Experience include:

IEB Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology - Bristol School of Holistic Therapies, 2005

IEB Diploma in Aromatherapy & Holistic Massage - Bristol School of Holistic Therapies, 2005

IEB Diploma in Reflexology - Bristol School of Holistic Therapies, 2006

Reflexology Diploma in Preconception & Pregnancy Care - London School of Reflexology, 2008

Endocrine & Fertility VRT Diploma (The Booth Method) - Bristol, 2009

Gold Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner - The HypnoBirthing Institute, 2010

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy – The Clifton Practice, 2015

Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – The Clifton Practice, 2015

Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma – The Clifton Practice, Ongoing study

Gold Seal Member of The HypnoBirthing Institute
Fully Insured Member of the International Federation of Reflexologists
Chair of N.Somerset HomeBirth Group


Helen was our HypnoBirthing teacher and I visited her on many occasions throughout pregnancy for Reflexology which I found hugely beneficial to my overall wellbeing and enjoyment of being pregnant. We were able to have a natural birth, no drugs or major intervention which is primarily due to Helen and her work. Helen has a unique gift of putting you at ease as soon as you meet her. She is calm, understanding, genuinely caring and professional. I can’t speak more highly of her. Zoe

Helen was a fantastic Hypnobirthing teacher and excellent support. She also gave me reflexology towards the end of both of my pregnancies to help balance my hormones and encourage labour. My labour started during her treatment session with my second child and my son was born peacefully at home within hours. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic birth experience! Nicola