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Emma Charlton

Resident Therapist 07855 858 350

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Fertility Support

Emma set up the Bristol Fertility Support Group in 2013 which runs on the first Saturday of each month. Emma is a volunteer for Fertility Network UK: http://fertilitynetworkuk.org/ and a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapists.

Emma’s fertility therapies include Fertility Massage, Reproductive Reflexology and Fertility Hypnosis.  She often supports her fertility clients through their pregnancy with Hypnobirthing and has also had the pleasure of meeting the babies afterwards for a baby massage session.

Emma also offers help for women who are struggling with menopausal symptoms in the form of massage and hypnotherapy which are both great ways to help reduce anxiety, calming the body and mind. Emma has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and works with the Meridians of the body using Tui Na Massage.

Prices for 2017

Fertility Massage £55.00
Reflexology £45.00
Hypnotherapy £65.00

Pregnancy Support
KG Hypnobirthing:
Small group sessions £250.00
Private one to one £315.00
Maternity Reflexology £45.00
Breech baby package £65.00

Hypnotherapy £65.00
Abdominal and Sacral massage £55.00
Tui Na Neck, shoulders and arms £45.00

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Qualifications & Experience

Hypnotherapy SFBT, HPD
NLP Master Practitioner
Human Givens Psychotherapy Diploma DipHG

KG Hypnobirthing

ITEC 3 Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy
Fertility Massage Therapist
The Fertile Body Method