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Anne has always been passionate about education and learning and has been teaching in children’s education for 10 years. It was after Anne had her 4 children that she decided she wanted to put her knowledge and experience of babies towards supporting new parents.

Anne set up Bean Stork to empower new parents to have the confidence to make informed choices for their unique families.

Although Anne felt supported when she had her first child she felt she was advised on particular ‘best’ way approaches. It wasn’t until she had subsequent babies that she really came to realise how all babies are different. There are so many options to explore to find out what works for you and your unique family. Anne’s antenatal workshops help parents explore their options, learn new skills and make informed choices in preparation for the arrival of their little one!

If you would like further information visit or contact call Anne on 07872964116

Qualifications & Experience

Anne is a qualified Antenatal and Postnatal Practitioner, trained by BabyNatal. All BabyNatal workshops are fully accredited by UK antenatal regulator FEDANT so you can rest assured you are getting professional up to date information.