Tui Na (Chinese Acupressure Massage) Tui Na (pronounced twee nah) is a vigorous massage with ancient roots deep within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is one of the oldest forms of bodywork, documented in The Yellow Emperor's Classics of Internal Medicine around 2500 years ago. This massage is traditionally performed through clothes, either on a couch or seated. An invigorating variety of rocking, pressing, kneading, percussion techniques and stretching are used to stimulate the flow of energy around your body, release blockages, restore movement and open joints. Tui Na can focus on specific problems or conditions, or be experienced as a whole body massage that leaves you feeling calm and deeply revitalised.




1 hour £40


To book please contact Yanley Court reception on 01275 394554 or via Email


Please give at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation charge.




Visiting Therapist: Claire Nutt