Leonie de Mearns “Shiatsu awakens each cell of the body to receive the healing energy that is always available to us. Through the medium of touch we are reminded that our physical being strives to be in a state of alignment, health and harmony. I see shiatsu as a joint process of discovery and unfolding through which symptoms of ill health direct us on a path towards self-knowledge and greater aliveness”. Leonie de Mearns is a registered member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS) and is an experienced and qualified shiatsu practitioner since 2001. Using the meridian system and connecting intuitively through chakras and the light-body, Leonie's shiatsu is a response to each client's individual needs as they present in the moment. Her style of Shiatsu has an attentive, empathic and nurturing quality which allows for strong, physical contact as well as a subtle energetic connection, inviting a deep state of relaxation in which healing and restoration can easily take place. "I have been receiving Shiatsu from Leonie for a few years now. I remember the first thing that stood out for me about the sessions was how strong, effective and powerful they were, at the same time as being gentle and very nurturing."
V.A "Leonie has a deeply caring and professional approach that instantaneously opened up a channel for my own healing. It's easy to have trust in her work by the complete presence you feel , the moment she connects with you at the start. I felt very safe and deeply relaxed with her touch as intuition clearly guides her hands."
S.B Leonie specialises in postnatal Shiatsu, teaches Baby Massage classes through her company OmBaby and works with babies individually for Baby Massage Therapy.