Emma Lilwall I began to train as a homoeopath on the full time course at The College of Homoeopathy in 1993. The College of Homoeopathy was established in 1978 as the first training college for homoeopathy in this country, formed alongside the Society of Homoeopaths.The principals and teachers of this college were taught by the two great British homoeopathic masters, and I was privileged enough to be taught by many of this core teaching group. Many of the first students who trained at this college became household names in the field of homoeopathy, and many went on to set up colleges of their own. The threads and schools of homoeopathy have become diverse through time and I was fortunate enough to be taught by many of these 'old masters'. This means that my methods of practice are diverse, with extensive raining in both classical and non classical homoeopathy. I now have 18 years clinical experience, 15 years experience as a student supervisor, and many years experience treating a vast diversity of conditions. I complemented my practice by training as a SCIO practitioner (intolerance / allergy testing), and by travelling to India to learn the deep scope of homoeopathy from homoeopaths who are also trained as Doctors. I have now moved to Bristol from Berkshire with my husband and two daughters, Ruby and Pearl. Ruby was born on our narrowboat, and Pearl was born at home. My current practice has a high proportion of children which are my absolute pleasure to treat. I believe we learn from our patients and also from our children, and I passionately love my work. Qualifications Qualified and Licenced with The College of Homoeopathy
Trained and Licenced QXCI practitioner with Quantum Wellness
Trained and Licenced SCIO practitioner with Quantum Wellness Registered with the Society of Homoeopaths