Thai massage encourages flexibility, relaxation and balance.  The word bodywork is a more accurate description of this technique.  Rather than the techniques of Swedish massage or aromatherapy, such as effleurage and kneading, Thai bodywork uses sequences of soft tissue pressing and stretching and encourages joint mobilisation.  Sequences are unhurried and flowing.  Considered deep tissue techniques are also incorporated for specific attention to muscle groups.


This approach can be received on the futon or massage couch.  Working on the futon allows a more dynamic approach with the receiver being guided through yoga like stretches.  Working on the couch is more contained but no less effective.


Common conditions that may benefit are:

Stress, fatigue

Muscle tightness, aching, inflexibility

Poor posture

Ankle strains/sprains, lower leg stiffness

Lower back pain


Hip & leg pain

Abdominal pain, stomach problems

Shoulder stiffness

Neck stiffness, related headaches


More information about Bodywork & Massage can be found here.





1 hour £45

1.5 hours £65


To book please contact Yanley Court reception via Email or on 01275 394554


Please give at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation charge.





Resident Therapist: Yvonne Cattermole